A World Away - Dinosaurs on a Cruise Ship

A World Away - Dinosaurs on a Cruise Ship (2006)

The band A World Away formed in the fall of 2005. In the fall of 2006 AWA recorded their first CD in Chicago, IL. 100 CDs were pressed and sold out quickly. The album was also released on iTunes, and recieved over 1000 downloads. After playing many shows in Michigan and gaining popularity on the internet, AWA caught the eye of Yellowcard guitarist Ben Harper. In early spring 2008 they signed with Harper's label, Takeover Records. To avoid confusion with bands of the same name, Harper advised the band to change their name.

Versus the Ocean - If Only You Knew

Versus the Ocean - If Only You Knew (2008)

After signing to Takeover and changing their name, Versus the Ocean added a new singer and went to Cleaveland, Ohio to record their first full length album. Currently sitting in the top 50 on the smartpunk charts, the band has begun gaining national popularity. The album has been featured in numerous magazines, and is being sold in many outlets, including Hot Topic, iTunes, and Smartpunk. VTO is currently getting ready to head out on a national tour the summer of 2009. Shortly after, they plan to record their sophmore album in the winter.


Chad Morgan - Self-Titled (TBA)

Currently, playing bass in Versus the Ocean is my main musical focus. However, in my free time at home and on the road i am writing my own material which i plan to record within the next year. I will play all instruments, although most of the songs i expect to be acoustic material. I have also been writing stuff with my good friend and guitarist in VTO. So maybe he will be featured on the album also. I am really looking forward to recording and sharing these songs with everyone.